It was around the 1840s that William Pantall arrived with several English families on French soil, to develop racing, nascent in France at that time. His son Henry Pantall became trainer at Couzex in Haute Vienne, for Mr. Vanteaux, a large owner at the time. Henry Pantall would have 5 sons, all of whom became jockeys or trainers, Walter in Marseille, and Michel, Mathurin, Paul and Eugene (my grandfather) in Chantilly. Eugene would have two sons, the elder Henri, who would become a jockey and unfortunately die very young, and my father, René. All of this is to explain that horse genes have long been transmitted from generation to generation in the Pantall family and no member can escape it.
Prisoner in Germany during the Second World War, he met my mother Ingeborg Klotz daughter of jockey Bruno Klotz, in Hoppegarten. On their return to Chantilly, and after having exercised for some years as a trainer, the Duke of BLACAS, offered him the opportunity to come to Beaupreau to create a training center in 1948. Under the red and white jersey, they accumulated numerous and magnificent successes which made the Stable of the Duke of Blacas one of the most important in the West.



Upon the untimely death of my father in 1980, and in accordance with the Duke of Blacas, I came to settle in Beaupreau. After having completed several internships abroad, as in France with Messieurs Corm, Lallier and de Choubersky, I had the responsibility of the ROTHSCHILD Stable for several years, run at that time by François Mathet.
Since 1980, the Stable has been opened to external owners, and has not ceased to increase its membership, going from around twenty boxes at its debut to over 150 today, to advance to rank in the top 5 trainers in France for several years.